Central measures

Central measures are fundamental to enabling Berlin’s digital transformation and the implementation of the smart city in line with the Values Compass. They form the foundation for smart infrastructures, citizen-friendly digital administrative services, open and transparent cooperation, forward-looking decision-making processes and, last but not least, cultural change in the administration. As such, they are the responsibility of the state’s CDO/StS D. Depending on the focus of the measure, they are carried out by different Senate administrations, with the involvement of the urban community and incorporating the diverse perspectives of its users.

For many of the central measures, preliminary work has already been done in the state of Berlin, and concepts and initiatives have been developed that will be followed up in the course of implementation. Central measures are defined in close consultation with the stakeholders involved and the IT Service Center Berlin (ITDZ) in accordance with Berlin’s ICT architecture.[34] Assistance here is provided by the GD:B strategy Support Team.

  • References

    [34] Senatsverwaltung für Inneres, Digitalisierung und Sport (2022).