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Get involved

We are working on making Berlin's transformation sustainable, community-oriented, cooperative and resilient. Only by working together can we properly learn from mistakes, gain foresight and ensure that any changes serve the common good. In the future, all residents will be welcome to comment on intermediate steps and results at Players from science, business, politics and digital civil society as well as employees from the city's administration are also invited to participate in events with specific topics. Would you like to participate or find out more?

How to Get Involved and Reach Us

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    Workshops on measures and public participation

    In two different platforms, we want to join experts and the urban community to discuss what needs to be done concerning current measures planned for implementation. Together we will identify challenges and develop prototypes for possible solutions. How to get involved

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    The Arena of Ideas: Developing New Measures Together

    Would you like to get involved in the further development of measures? The pool of ideas helps players in the urban community to turn ideas into measures. Here you can also network with potential cooperation partners as well as give or receive feedback on ideas. Get involved now (in German)

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    Questions, Ideas, Criticism?

    The Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin team looks forward to your interest and feedback. You can reach us via the contact form. Write us