Workshops on Measures and Public Participation

How to Get Involved: Online or On Site

Berlin's urban community participates in the development and implementation of the GD:B strategy's measures so that they can be inclusive towards all users.

Every measure will therefore offer opportunities to take part. More information will be available on this page in the future. We have developed two forms of participation: The measure workshop and public participation.

The measure workshop allows for developing the description of a measure with a variety of players from administration, politics, organised civil society, science, business and interested members of the public.

If you want to dive deep into a measure and contribute to its development, this is where to go. The workshop's events take place online or on site, depending on their respective needs.

Public participation is open to everyone and takes place online. Participants can give their response to any measure(s). On the participation platform, all interested parties can find out about the measure(s) and contribute feedback on specific topics and questions.