The Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin Team

The team behind the Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin strategy consists of employees from city administration under the central coordination and guidance of Berlin's Senate Chancellery. The implementation is supported by players close to the administration and other experts: the urban innovation laboratory CityLAB Berlin, the Smart City Unit at Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie (Berlin Partners for Economy and Technology) as well as specialists for facilitation and digital transformation.

Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin (CDO)

Martina Klement is the Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin in the Senate Chancellery: in this role she is responsible for the strategic management of the areas of smart city and digitalization, administrative digitalization, and administrative modernization and management.

Website Chief Digital Officer (in German)

Staff Office Smart City – Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin

The Staff Office Smart City – Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin – reports to the CDO and operates out of the Senate Chancellery. It is responsible for the strategic implementation of the GD:B strategy, including the strategy learning cycle (coordination and steering).

  • Karen Laßmann | Head of the Staff Office Smart City, Senate Chancellery
  • Dr. Angela Jain | Deputy Head of the Staff Office Smart City, Senate Chancellery
  • Alev Gündoğdu | Officer in the Staff Office Smart City, Senate Chancellery
  • Patrick Lange | Officer in the Staff Office Smart City, Senate Chancellery
  • Sebastian Gessert | Assistant in the Staff Office Smart City, Senate Chancellery

Website Staff Office Smart City - Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin (in German)

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin Interdepartmental and Cross-Level Team

The interdepartmental and cross-level team consists of employees of the Berlin Senate Administrations (currently: SenSWB, SenUMVK and SenWEB), as well as employees of the districts who coordinate decentralized implementation of the strategy and help set up and implement measures in line with the strategy.

  • Milena Höcht | Officer, Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises
  • Magdalena Konieczek-Woger | Officer, Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing
  • Michel Maier-Bode | Officer, Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action

CityLAB Berlin

CityLAB Berlin is a public innovation lab and a project run by Technologiestiftung Berlin, funded by the Berlin Senate Chancellery, which is also intended to act as a hub for the implementation of key elements of digital policy.

Dr Benjamin Seibel | Head of CityLAB

Dr Niklas Kossow | Smart Cities Project Manager

Anne Kruse | Smart Cities Project Manager

Anja Lüttman | Public Service Coach

Website CityLAB Berlin

Smart City Unit

The Smart City Unit is a separate unit of Berlin Partner GmbH. It is the central point of contact for smart city actors from the areas of business, academia and research, and organized civil society, supporting their projects of innovation. It also serves as the office of the Smart City Berlin network with around 150 institutional members.

  • Beate Albert | Smart City Unit Coordinator
  • Sibylle Kubale | Smart City Innovation Manager
  • Michael Lesch | Smart City Innovation Manager
  • Mario Falk | Smart City Network Manager

Website Smart City Unit

Experts for process support and digital transformation

IPG – Institut für Partizipatives Gestalten (Institute for Participatory Design)

The Institute for Participatory Design develops and implements forms of participation and devises co-creative methods to ensure successful transformation and design processes.

  • Jascha Rohr | Conception
  • Roland Ronja Wehking | Conception & Moderation
  • Dorothea Vogelgsang | Project Assistance, Event Organisation
  • IIja Maiber | Project Assistance, Event Organisation
  • Ole Gärtner | Project Assistance, Event Organisation

Website IPG (in German)


d.quarks are pioneers for digital and sustainable change. Whether in the private or public sector, they enable people in positions of responsibility to successfully shape the digital transformation - in a sustainable, strategic manner with the involvement of all stakeholders and, above all, self-determined.

  • Michael Pachmajer | Sparring Partner and Expert for Digital Transformation, Process Designer, Networker

Website d.quarks (in German)

Liquid Democracy

Liquid Democracy is a registered association that develops software for participatory processes, working to make democratic processes more inclusive, transparent and equal.

  • Marie-Kathrin Siemer | Project Management, Conception Online Participation & Website
  • Moritz Ritter | Deputy Project Management, Conception
  • Katharina Lindenlaub | Head of Software Development
  • Max Westbrock | Project Management, Online Participation & Website

Website Liquid Democracy


aufsiemitgebrüll develops and implements communication measures at the interface between participation, digitalization, urbanism, design and public services.

  • Ann Christin Sievers | Head of Design
  • Fred Funk | Project Management, Design & Communication
  • Marie Parakenings | Design
  • Vincent Ritterspach | Project Management, Content & Communication

Website aufsiemitgebrüll (in German)