The collage shows figures and objects that reflect the use of new and old technology: People use smart watches, smartphones and video conferences. A gripper arm lifts a stapler, paper flies out of a filing cabinet, a fax machine burns.

Gemeinsam Digital for a Smart City

Visionary designs and specific construction plans: the capital's strategy for a smart city

An illustration shows a person inside a large pump apparatus, with one hand on its lever and the other holding a test tube for observation. A large drop with a friendly face comes from the tap.

What is the strategy of Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin?

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin (GD:B) is the transformation program for a smart Berlin. We combine visionary designs and specific construction plans to develop not only the strategy but also the tools to make Berlin a smart city. The Chief Digital Officer for Berlin, Martina Klement, is responsible for planning the digitalization and has given us a clear mandate to push forward with Berlin's transformation along with players. More info on GD:B

The strategy – or how we want to jointly transform Berlin in a sustainable way

“Smart” means more than simply digitalizing. The city of Berlin understands the term in relation to the way challenges are addressed – creatively, openly, expediently and with participation. A city, in this case Berlin, is smart when digitalization and technology create social benefits and strengthen the democratic commonwealth. This digital transformation also requires a cultural transformation, which begins with ourselves. Such a strategy aims to improve administrative efficiency and encourages new ways of working together.

Die Illustration zeigt in der MItte einen Kran, der einen Tacker aufhebt. Auf der linken Seite ist eine Person mit einem Roboterhund abgebildet. Auf der rechten Bildseite ist eine Person zu sehen, die sich auf einer Tafel die Inhalte von Spinden auswählt.

Specific Measures for a Digital Berlin

GD:B aims to promote cultural change in administration and to establish new forms of collaboration on overarching challenges. This is done by means of concrete measures that are jointly developed by all participating actors as equals. The GD:B strategy and its handbook can be seen as a catalyst, as digital transformation can only be perceived when ideas and plans are put into practice. The measures

Vier Personen und schreiben mit einem riesigen Bleistift an Software-Code. Eine Person reitet auf dem Bleistift, eine Person im Rollstuhl und eine weitere stützen den Stift. Eine Person schaut aus der Luke im Stift

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin – it needs everyone's input, including yours!

As the city of Berlin integrates digital technologies, it relies on input from its residents in order to be truly sustainable and liveable. There are ways to join in and get involved at different levels: e.g. during our public participation, in the action workshop on a specific measure, or by contributing your own concrete measure to the arena of ideas. Get involved