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Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin

Visionary designs and specific construction plans: merging Berlin's smart city and digital strategy

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What is the Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin strategy?

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin is the transformation programme for a smart Berlin. We combine visionary designs and specific construction plans to develop not only the strategy but also the tools to make Berlin a smart city. The first Chief Digital Officer for Berlin, Dr Ralf Kleindiek, is responsible for planning the digitalization and has given us a clear mandate to push forward with Berlin's transformation along with stakeholders.
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How do we see transformation?

We are convinced that above all, transformation should bring people together and align their interests in order to collectively implement specific projects. The climate crisis, changes in transportation, lively neighbourhoods and a good quality of life require cooperation and new ways of thinking! The strategy of Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin offers not only the vision of a smart Berlin and the goals needed to get there but also a process that unites the capital's diverse perspectives and strengths while also jointly testing new tools. We make the administration an “enabler”, approaching urban development and digitalisation in tandem while working on digital transformation together with the entire city.
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How should that work?

Berlin has striven to be a smart city for a while already but still lags behind in many areas. Yet the city has a wealth of knowledge, committed actors and promising projects. What is missing is a central guidance of the numerous ideas: administrative departments are siloed, and bureaucracy gets in the way of change instead of supporting it. In the strategy of Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin, new tools are being tested and further developed to overcome these difficulties. Just as with the strategy's development, we see its implementation as a process that can only work with broad participation.
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The Fusion of Digitalstrategie and Smart City Strategie

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin is a fusion of Berlin's Digitalstrategie and its Smart City Strategie. The Digitalstrategie provides the competence to implement the Smart City Strategie, which in turn provides the vision for Berlin to consider urban development and digitalisation jointly. That's why we're creating an instrument giving us direction and tools at the same time. The Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin strategy contains a number of measures and a concept for their implementation. Among other things, the pilot projects that have already been financed through the federal funding programme Modellprojekte Smart Cities will be realised, as well as central infrastructure measures that are absolutely necessary to enable collaboration and cooperation within the administration and with urban society.
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Get involved!

We are working to make Berlin's transformation sustainable, community-oriented, cooperative and robust. Only by working together can we properly learn from mistakes, have foresight and ensure that changes always serve the common good. In the future, all citizens will be welcome to comment on results at mein.berlin.de. Stakeholders from science, business, politics and digital civil society as well as employees of the Berlin administration are also invited to participate in events with specific topics. Would you like to participate or find out more?