Digital Accessibility Statement

Responsible public body   

The Governing Mayor - Chancellery of Berlin strives to make its web presence or mobile application accessible. The digital accessibility statement is required by the Berlin Accessible Information and Communication Technology Act (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility are derived from the German directive for accessible information technology (BITV 2.0).   

This digital accessibility declaration applies to the website   

When was the accessibility declaration created?  

This declaration was created or revised on 16-01-2023.  

The technical review of accessibility was carried out by Liquid Democracy e. V.  

How accessible is the offer?  

This website is only partially accessible. The requirements of BITV 2.0 are only partially met.    

Which areas are not accessible?  

The areas listed below are not accessible for the following reasons:  Incompatibility with BITV 2.0   

Subareas that are not accessible  

Barrier: Easy German (Leichte Sprache) is not available.  

  • Description: The page is not yet translated into easy German (Leichte Sprache).  
  • Measures: The page will be translated.  
  • Timeline: The website will be translated into easy language by the end of 2023.  
  • Accessible alternative: Currently, there is no alternative way to get the website content in easy German.  

Who can you contact with comments or questions about digital accessibility (feedback option)?  

Contact the public body contact person:  

Stephan Neumann

Email address:

Telephone number: (030) 9026 2365

Contact the state commissioner for digital accessibility  

If your contact with the public body was not successful, you can contact the Berlin State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility.  

Link to contact form in German:   

Further information in German about the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility: