Facilitation of the awarding of IT services

Responsible organisation
Senate Chancellery / CDO
Involved organisations
ITDZ (IT Service Center)
Still to be defined
in planning
A person with very long hair sits in the TV tower. Three people are celebrating, behind them is a closed contract.

Authorities will receive more expert support in awarding and managing IT projects. The specifications to be created as part of tender documents must be adapted to the reality of agile, digital product development. Technical and formal criteria and framework conditions for IT contracts must be formulated in a comprehensible manner and barriers to entry must be removed in order to make it easier for local SMEs and startups in particular to enter the market. Where commissioning bodies do not have the necessary IT expertise, they should be able to call on the appropriate support.

Clear processes are formulated for collaboration with external service providers that promote impact-oriented and agile collaboration. This ensures that digital products developed on behalf of the public sector also meet the requirements of public administration and contribute to an open and interoperable digital ecosystem.

Due to the possibility of being able to communicate challenges, the innovation potential of the Berlin startup scene (Gov Tech, Urban Tech, etc.) is directly influenced and its potential is used. The Arena of Ideas (see glossary), the standardized process, and innovations in contracting (such as development partnerships, market consultations, etc.) can be used for this purpose.


  • Organisation Senate Chancellery / CDO
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