Network measures

Responsibility for the implementation of network measures is borne by the diverse actors of Berlin’s urban community from business, academia and civil society. Many of them are already actively engaged and are implementing measures that contribute to the transformation of Berlin. In order to be included in the strategy as a further network measure, the participating actors commit themselves to the Values Compass, the fields of action and the implementation principles of the GD:B strategy.

The measures are supported in their implementation by the fact that the actors are networked with each other, can resort to the methodology of the Support Team and gain visibility under the GD:B umbrella. All actors and organizations implementing network measures are regularly invited to conferences to present their progress and learning experiences to a broad public. Financial incentives and funding opportunities for network measures will be provided in the medium term.

Strategy Chapters

  • Icon Smart City Berlin

    Why Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin?

  • Icon Wertekompass

    Values Compass: How do we shape Berlin as a digital city?

  • Icon Handlungsfelder

    Fields of Action: What does the city need?

  • Icon Massnahmen

    Measures: How can we realise Berlin as a digital city?

  • Icon Governance

    Governance: How do we work together?

  • Icon Umsetzung

    Implementation: What tools do we need?

  • Icon Wirkungsmessung

    Impact measurement: How do we stay on track?

  • Icon Übersicht

    Overview of strategy