Responsible organisation
Technologiestiftung Berlin / CityLAB Berlin
Involved organisations
GD:B Unit
2022 – end of 2023
Ein Foto des Kiezlabor, einem umgebauten Frachtcontainer. Davor stehen Menschen, die sich unterhalten.

As a public innovation lab, CityLAB Berlin is a central hub for piloting and experimentation. At CityLAB Berlin, innovation and participation are conceptually combined: the administration and the urban community, together with all their stakeholders, collaborate on solutions for the digital Berlin of tomorrow.

The Kiezlabor is a mobile CityLAB and transports expertise and skills to the citizens and the local administration at different locations in Berlin, reaching a broad group of actors based on a low-threshold approach. The focus is on participative formats as well as methods drawn from the field of service design (see glossary). These are intended to help local actors from administration, business, academia and civil society, among others, to independently implement projects in their districts and neighborhoods and thereby participate in the development of Berlin. The Kiezlabor also aims to become a place of dialog with less digitally savvy Berlin residents, children, young people and marginalized groups so as to introduce them to the possibilities and participatory potential of the CityLAB and invite them to acquire new skills.