7 | The Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin Process

To prepare Berlin for the future, a comprehensive strategy, relevant stakeholders, and appropriate tools are essential. The process of digital transformation holds the potential of significant benefits for residents, local governments, and businesses alike.

In GD:B's understanding, transformation primarily means bringing people together and aligning interests in order to tackle specific projects together. The GD:B process bundles Berlin's diverse perspectives and strengths, facilitating the collaborative exploration of new tools and approaches for both administrative purposes and the benefit of Berlin's citizens.

The methods and phases

The GD:B process follows a model that structures the collaborative efforts in five distinct phases. In each phase, stakeholders and participants can decide to go back a step to a previous phase. This could be done to consider additional insights or address gaps that might have been initially overlooked. The use of standardised process phases encourages transparent, cooperative work and facilitates a systematic exchange of interim insights and outcomes.

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