6 | Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin – Berlins New Smart City Strategy

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin (GD:B) is Berlin's smart city strategy. It was published in December 2022. In Berlin's understanding of the term smart city, "smart" refers not only to technical digitisation, encompasses an approach on how digital challenges are addressed - creatively, openly, purposefully, and collaboratively. Berlin embodies this smartness when digitalisation and technology generate societal benefits and strengthen the democratic community.

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The GD:B team

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin assembles a team of interdepartmental staff from the Berlin administration in conjunction with experts in digital transformation, participation, and communication. The central coordination and oversight of the initiative fall under the purview of the Berlin Senate Chancellery.

Digital Strategy & Smart City Strategy

Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin is a fusion of the Berlin Smart City Strategy and the Digital Strategy. The Smart City Strategy lays out the visionary framework for harmonising urban development and digitalisation, while the Digital Strategy contributes its specialized knowledge and capabilities for effective implementation.

The five pilot projects

In addition to SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz, four other pilot projects are being implemented: Smart Water, Data Governance, Kiezbox 2.0 and Smarte Partizipation/Bürgerhaushalt.

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