5 | Karl August von Hardenberg in Augmented Reality

Step into a bygone era and encounter Karl August von Hardenberg as though he stands before you.

Karl August von Hardenberg als AR-Figur

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The namesake

Karl August von Hardenberg stood as a prominent figure in administrative reform and held the position of Prussian state chancellor. This influential statesman passed away two centuries ago. Berlin, where he dedicated over twenty years of service, pays tribute to his legacy with a bronze statue situated before the House of Representatives and a bust positioned behind the gatehouse of Hardenbergplatz.

Seize the opportunity to delve deeper into the life of Karl August von Hardenberg and the learn about the square.

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  • AR-Trigger Hardenberg

    Karl August von Hardenberg and democracy

    Scan this trigger in the XR app to discover Hardenberg, his reform policies, and their importance for the development of democracy in Germany.

  • AR-Trigger Geräusche

    The history of Hardenbergplatz

    This trigger will take you to the history and possible future of Hardenbergplatz.

  • AR-Trigger Geschichte

    The sound of the square

    The sounds of the square - in 1890 and in the future, that's what you'll find out when you scan this trigger in the XR app.

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