4 | Pop-Up Interventions

Beyond its role in advancing Berlin's digitalisation and administrative enhancements, the SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz pilot project aims to improve the quality of use and stay on Hardenbergplatz. This works best through an active engagement with the square's users. In order to identify appropriate strategies for Hardenbergplatz, the project is conducting co-creative workshop sessions involving both users and stakeholders. These collaborative workshop modules seek to identify solutions that resonate with the needs and preferences of those who interact with the square.

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To participate in the pilot project, click on this link below this text, which will redirect you to mein.berlin.de. You can find more information on board 10 titled " Buntes Brett - Feedback board"

What are you doing on Hardenbergplatz?
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Zoo Podeste

Accessibility - the mobility square

In the coming years, users of all forms of mobility should be able to find their way around Hardenbergplatz more easily when changing between different modes of transport. This objective can be accomplished by implementing various measures, such as, through bicycle parking facilities, micro-mobility options, developing an easy guidance system for pedestrians, installing information displays for public transport users and creating convenient kiss-and-go zones for drivers.
Zoo Möblierung

Quality of stay and use

New uses also increase the quality of stay, for example with flexible and smart street furniture that can be adapted as needed. Through integrated green elements, the furniture contributes to improving the square’s micro-climate, which can also be verified through its sensors which monitor environmental data.

The square concept

To ensure the successful implementation of numerous innovations and their intended positive impacts on Hardenbergplatz, an innovative square concept will be devised. This concept regulates what is possible and delineate the responsibilities of different stakeholders on-site, and establish clear lines of accountability. This approach aims to provide transparency for all parties involved, outlining the rules to be adhered to and the procedures to be followed.

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