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To enable the versatile utilisation of Hardenbergplatz, an inventive approach and an efficient system for overseeing public areas and their components are imperative. Through an operator model, specific administrative responsibilities of the district could be delegated to competent entities. These commissioned operators would alleviate a portion of the municipal administration's workload.

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The Governance model

The pilot project SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz will initially establish an organisational and regulatory structure for implementing the operator model (governance). The development of the operator model aligns with one of the fundamental principles of Berlin's smart city strategy, which is to ensure that all initiatives contribute to the common good. The goal is to involve all local stakeholders, including individuals and institutions, in this process. Additionally, these stakeholders will act as representatives for users of similar station projects across Germany. To assist with administrative tasks, the district office could consider setting up a subsidiary that shares responsibility for all squares and plazas within Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

This subsidiary would serve as a liaison between the local government and entities responsible for operating specific squares. In the case of Hardenbergplatz, a facility management company or an association of nearby establishments could potentially serve as the operator. In other instances, a neighbourhood association might also be suitable for taking on this role on other squares.

Digital and efficient: managing public spaces in the 21st century

Through the integration of smart technology and an inventive operator model, the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district could effectively oversee public space with enhanced flexibility and ingenuity. The streamlined administrative workload would provide the administration with additional time to address other tasks and complexities.

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