3 | Booking and Negotiation Platform

Many of Berlin's residents would like to use streets and plazas such as Hardenbergplatz on a temporary and adaptable basis. In order to facilitate this, the SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz pilot project is in the process of creating a digital platform prototype designed for booking segments of public space.

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To participate in the pilot project, click on this link below this text, which will redirect you to mein.berlin.de. You can find more information on board 10 titled " Buntes Brett - Feedback board"

What should be bookable on the platform?
Participate on mein.berlin.de and help shape Hardenbergplatz!

The booking and negotiation platform

The platform intends to provide user-friendly online applications for special use permits which can be processed more efficiently by the administration. A special use permit is required when public street space is intended to be utilised differently from its usual purpose. For instance, to convert a parking area into outdoor seating for cafes during the summer. On the platform, applicants will have the ability to track their application online at any time after booking and monitor the processing status. This visualisation of the approval process ensures transparency and promotes equitable distribution of the available space.

This visualisation of the approval process ensures transparency and promotes equitable distribution of the available space. The types of uses that can be offered as part of the pilot project depend on your feedback received on the mein.berlin.de participation website, as well as the administrative feasibility of the proposed ideas.

The decision-making process

In cases where multiple interested parties book the same space simultaneously, the determination of which party is entitled to use the space is pre-defined through collaboration with Berlin's urban community. Clear criteria are established to ensure that decisions regarding specific bookings are transparently comprehensible, especially when different usage requests are negotiated against each other using the platform.

The core value of the Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin strategy and its pilot projects, which is to enhance the common good, is particularly important in the decision making. Consequently, the principle isn't merely "first come, first served," but rather revolves around the fundamental question "who has the more important and legitimate need?". This approach underscores the importance of prioritising the community's best interests.

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