1 | From Forecourt to City Square – Designing and Operating Smart Spaces

Hardenbergplatz is located in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and is a typical station forecourt. The pilot project SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz (HAD) will develop it into a city square with increased quality of use and stay as well as smart mobility offers by 2026.

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To participate in the pilot project, click on this link below this text, which will redirect you to mein.berlin.de. You can find more information on board 10 titled " Buntes Brett - Feedback board"

If you had a magic wand, what would your ideal version of a smart Hardenbergplatz look like?
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What will be done?

In the upcoming years, the public space in front of Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten, which includes areas such as the pavement and street space, will be made available for flexible booking and utilisation to cater to diverse requirements. The HAD pilot project aims to create a digital platform prototype for reserving public space. The platform will allow booking for a range of purposes, such as delivery zones, markets, events, trade shows, exhibitions, and more. At "Bahnhof Zoo" you will witness the diverse and adaptable utilisation of urban space firsthand!

What does it take to make smart places?

In order to open up urban spaces like Hardenbergplatz to a wider range of stakeholders, innovative strategies and ideas are necessary for the utilisation and administration of public space. Digital tools are increasingly providing targeted solutions for this purpose. The pilot project will evaluate and experiment with these solutions, along with the legal parameters for intelligent urban space utilisation. The outcomes of the project are intended to be applied to other squares and plazas across Berlin.

Who is working on this?

We value your contribution! Support the project partners from local government, businesses, and academia in unlocking new possibilities for Berlin and its residents by enhancing the adaptability of public spaces.

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