9 | Why Hardenbergplatz?

"What is the worst that can happen in the course of the SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz project?" This is the question the team and the project advisory board asked themselves at the beginning of the process. The answer: "By 2026, the situation remains unchanged from the project's inception."

The litmus test

The publicist and art critic Karl Scheffler coined the well-known phrase: "Berlin is a city condemned forever to be becoming and never to be." In alignment with this sentiment, Hardenbergplatz stands as an emblem of this city's dynamic, creative, and ever-evolving nature. Why was Hardenbergplatz chosen? The challenges that must be surmounted on Hardenbergplatz, with its multifaceted stakeholders, diverse needs, and varied interests, serve as a litmus test for the effectiveness of the Smart City strategy. What succeeds here can also be replicated elsewhere in Berlin! This establishes a strong foundation for the project's results to be transferable and scalable.
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3D Places and their visitors and environmental data

As part of the pilot project, the team is also testing the use of innovative tools for urban development. For this purpose, Hardenbergplatz was scanned by drone and replicated as a digital 3D model. With this model, the pilot project can explore how the planned developments might affect Hardenbergplatz in advance. The digital representation of Hardenbergplatz also has the capability to visualise environmental data, such as the real-time air quality measurements on Hardenbergplatz and how these will adjust over time as conditions change. This makes complex data such as nitrogen dioxide and CO2-levels visible to all visitors of the square.

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