Expert Dialogue

Within Phase 1 of the SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz pilot project, known as the pre-process, the Expert Dialogue took place on January 26, 2023, at the Change Hub.

The Expert Dialogue facilitates professional exchange on thematic priorities and transformative questions. It is considered the central format for stakeholder participation. From October to December 2022, the steering rounds on the topics of operating model, negotiation platform, and pop-up interventions were successfully conducted. The next step in the pre-process was the workshop of users and usages, which took place in March 2023.

The photo shows Oliver Schruoffeneger speaking in a video, that is seen on a big screen in front of the event participants.

Welcome by Bezirksstadtrat Oliver Schruoffenegger

After a video welcome by Bezirksstadtrat (District Councillor) Oliver Schruoffenegger, Dr. Angela Jain (Senatskanzlei Berlin) and Rolf Mienkus (IPB) introduced the project initiative.
The photo shows eight experts from the panel, standing next to each other in front of the exhibition wall of the project SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz.

left to right: Alexander Flemming, Jürgen Besler (infrest), Helke Wendt-Schwarzburg (inter 3), Inga Hahn (HHVH), Moritz Dittrich (stadtraum), Dr. Klaus Jankowski, Maria Rothämel (SKW Schwarz) und Marcus Jeutner (insar)

The Experts

For each of the three thematic areas of the pilot project, there were two keynote speeches. In addition to project internal experts, external experts who brought their expertise from their own projects were invited to speak. Pop-Up Interventions/Open Space Design: Marcus Jeutner/Inga Hahn (insar/HHVH) and Martin Rein-Cano (TOPOTEK 1). Booking/Negotiation Platform: Jürgen Besler, Stefan Wolf, Alexander Flemming (infrest), and Moritz Dittrich (stadtraum). Operating Model: Dr. Klaus Jankowski, Maria Rothämel (SKW Schwarz), and Christoph Singelmann (Urban Innovation Vienna).
The photos shows five persons, sitting in a round and discussing.

Small group discussions

Following the keynote speeches, the participants engaged in small group discussions. The six small groups discussed the presented impulses, and the results of these discussions were shared, followed by questions directed to the experts.

Retrospective Expert Dialogue

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