Participation - Your ideas for Hardenbergplatz

Zwei Personen schauen auf die Tafel der Freiluftausstellung, die die Beteiligung erklärt.

Public participation

Alongside the information exhibition on Hardenbergplatz, the SMART SPACE Hardenbergplatz pilot project also provides an online participation area on Here, all anyone interested can comment on the project content and make their suggestions. Through your participation, the project can gain important information about the users of the square and their needs. Please support the project partners from the municipality, business and science in making public space more flexible and thus opening up new development potential for Berlin's inhabitants. The results of the public participation will flow into the project and the elaboration of the prototypes to be developed.
  • To the overview page on

    Follow this link to get to the participation overview page of the pilot project. Under the tab "About the project" you will find more information about the project and the participation modules. The results of the participation will be published here after they have been processed.

  • 1 | If you had a magic wand, what would your ideal version of a smart Hardenbergplatz look like?

    What does the Hardenbergplatz of the future look like? What should be on the square and what should be made possible? Should cars be replaced by flying cabs or should the streets be turned into forests? Or would you simply like more bicycle racks or a digital information screen for the bus stops? Here you can add your ideas and visions to the map, react to the suggestions of others and develop them further.

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  • 2 | As the operator of Hardenbergplatz, what would you change first?

    Imagine you are organising the real Hardenbergplatz and have limited monetary and human resources. As part of a group of neighbouring institutions or as a facility management company, you work with the district to improve the situation on-site.

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  • 3 | What should be bookable on the platform?

    Let's say you could book the public space to spend your free time there. You could play street music, put on a play or hold a workshop. As a restaurant-owner, you could offer your guests more outdoor seating and thus enliven the square. For which uses should public space, i.e. streets and squares, be bookable?

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  • 4 | What are you doing on Hardenbergplatz?

    The following survey aims to gain a detailed insight into the uses, perceptions and needs around Hardenbergplatz in order to make base decisions about its future development on the acquired information.

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For more information about the participation and about, you can have a look here. Here you will also find information on how you can contact us outside of the platform to share your ideas.