Governance actors

Governance of the GD:B strategy involves a range of actors, both inside and outside the administration, working together at different levels. This involves centralized steering and decentralized implementation of the strategy. The following actors play a central role in this process; their roles will be explained in the course of this chapter:

Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin and State Secretary for Digital Affairs and Administrative Modernization (CDO/StS D)

The Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin in the Senate Chancellery is also State Secretary for Digital and Administrative Modernization in the Senate Department for the Interior, Digitalization and Sport: in this role he is responsible for the strategic management of the areas of smart city and digitalization, administrative digitalization, and administrative modernization and management.

Gemeinsam Digital Unit

The Gemeinsam Digital:Berlin Unit reports to the CDO and operates out of the Senate Chancellery. It is responsible for the strategic implementation of the GD:B strategy, including the strategy learning cycle (coordination and steering).

Digital Transformation Coordination Group

The Digital Transformation Coordination Group reports to the CDO/StS D as an operational level, covering the above-mentioned work areas.

Interdepartmental and cross-level team Gemeinsam Digital

The interdepartmental and cross-level team consists of employees of the Berlin Senate Administrations (currently: SenSWB, SenUMVK and SenWEB), as well as employees of the districts who coordinate decentralized implementation of the strategy and help set up and implement measures in line with the strategy.

Strategy Board

The political strategy board is made up of equal numbers of State Secretaries from various Senate administrations and representatives of the district offices.

Strategy Advisory Board

The Strategy Advisory Board is made up of experts primarily drawn from Berlin’s urban community and representing the four most important stakeholder groups – the administration, business, academia and organized civil society – as evenly as possible. Here, equal participation of women is ensured. The Strategy Advisory Board is appointed by the CDO.

Digital Berlin Municipal Committee

The Digital Berlin Municipal Committee is a committee of Berlin residents that is selected by the drawing of lots and therefore randomly: it is intended to be as representative as possible.

Smart City Unit, Berlin Partner GmbH

The Smart City Unit is a separate unit of Berlin Partner GmbH It is the central point of contact for smart city actors from the areas of business, academia and research, and organized civil society.

Technologiestiftung Berlin

Technologiestiftung Berlin is a non-profit foundation that promotes digitalization and technology in the state of Berlin. It is to be expanded to become the control center for implementing the essential elements of digital policy.

CityLAB Berlin

CityLAB Berlin is a public innovation lab and a project run by Technologiestiftung Berlin, funded by the Berlin Senate Chancellery, which is also intended to act as a hub for the implementation of key elements of digital policy.

Support Team

The Support Team consists of CityLAB Berlin employees and external service providers and aims to provide methodological and technical support for the Action Teams in the implementation of measures.

Action Team

Action Teams can consist of different actors from the administration, the urban community or both working together. They are assembled for each measure and are responsible for its implementation.

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