Workshop on Users and Usages

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The documentation of the workshop can be accessed with the link provided in the next paragraph.

Documentation of the Workshop

After the expert dialogue, the next step in the "Gemeinsam Digital:Berlin" process was the implementation workshop. The event focused on the users of Hardenbergplatz. Participants viewed the three sub-projects, namely the operating model, negotiation platform, and pop-up interventions, from the users' perspective. Subsequently, they formulated resulting needs for the further development of project content.

The workshop with the participants, methods, and results is documented here (PDF, German).

When trying to navigate or find my way at Hardenbergplatz from the perspective of a pedestrian, I am consistently hindered by other road users.
The photo shows Rolf Mienkus, holding a speech, In the background you can see a presentation slide about the mobility strategie for City West 2040.

Status quo of the pilot project

Roland-Ronja Wehking (IPG) and Rolf Mienkus (IPB) initially introduced the overall project of the pilot project and described the interim results from the previous events. Additionally, the participants were given an outlook on the next planning steps and measures for the project test site at Hardenbergplatz.
The photos shows four persons, standing together around a table as a group and discuss.

Small group sessions

In several small group discussions, the participants deliberated on the roles and needs of the various users at Hardenbergplatz. After an on-site inspection, the results were presented. In a second session, the groups aligned the results with the transformative questions of the pilot project and discussed the different aspects.

Retrospective on the Workshop

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