Illustration, die Menschen beim Diskutieren zeigt. Einige sind per Video zugeschaltet, andere sitzen auf Rängen. Im Hintergrund ist ein brennendes Faxgerät zu sehen.

The Arena of Ideas

Jointly developing and refining new measures

Once the GD:B strategy has been adopted, the first measures will be implemented by the end of 2023. As a learning strategy, it also defines a procedure for developing new measures for Berlin on a participatory basis and incorporating these into the GD:B strategy. The Arena of Ideas on offers all actors within the urban community the opportunity to contribute ideas, discuss them and refine them further based on the strategy. It creates visibility for the diversity of ideas generated within Berlin’s urban community and provides a common platform for Smart City Berlin actors.

Actors can take responsibility for the ideas they bring to the table and are networked with each other according to their skills and expertise. This allows similar ideas to be merged and worked on jointly in consortia. The Arena of Ideas also enables people to raise challenges within the urban community so as to be able to develop solutions collaboratively. Proposals can come from all interested stakeholders, whether civil society, startups and SMEs, or research institutions. Measures are selected taking into account the criteria developed based on the values compass of the strategy.

The main language of the Arena of Ideas is German.

You can get involved in two ways

  • An illustration of several people in conversation. Some are connected via video, others are sitting on benches. In the background is a fax machine on fire.

    Share ideas for measures and comment

    Do you have ideas for measures to make Berlin smarter? Feel free to share them. You can also contribute challenges or questions that you have observed. Do you already know of relevant projects or would you like to offer opportunities for cooperation? The arena is also the right place to mention them. Other players from the urban society are invited to comment. In this way, ideas can be further developed together. Share ideas and comment (in German)

  • Die Illustration zeigt in der MItte einen Kran, der einen Tacker aufhebt. Auf der linken Seite ist eine Person mit einem Roboterhund abgebildet. Auf der rechten Bildseite ist eine Person zu sehen, die sich auf einer Tafel die Inhalte von Spinden auswählt.

    Overview Measures

    If ideas correspond to the value compass of Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin, they can be further developed into measures. Measures that are already being implemented and those that are planned can be found on this page. To the overview