Smart Water – Climate-Friendly Water and Urban Green Space Management

Integrating blue-green infrastructure and other planning aspects (street planning) can significantly mitigate the effects of the climate crisis and add additional qualities to the city. Smart Water aims to use agile rainwater management planning to enable climate-smart urban planning that specifically mitigates water pollution, heat islands, and flooding hotspots. [35] Furthermore, residents are to be made aware of the potential of rainwater utilization for water protection and for the cityscape based on data visualization. Since extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall constitute a significant risk of acute damage and danger, targeted risk communication for the administration is being established along with forward-looking planning, with testing being carried out based on the example of urban drainage. These results are derived by combining existing and newly generated data from the urban space with models via an interoperable data platform that enables data visualization for the purpose of urban planning and for use by citizens.

Responsible: Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin

Participants: Technologiestiftung Berlin; Berliner Wasserbetriebe AöR (BWB); Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Protection (SenUMVK); Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing (SenSBW)

Period: 07/2022 – 09/2026

Fields of action: Promote regeneration of natural resources locally; consolidate participatory governance and participation formats; establish effective (administrative) processes and tools for implementing projects

Spatial level: Diverse, livable neighborhoods and accessible urban space

Strategy Chapters

  • Why Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin?

  • Values Compass: How do we shape Berlin as a digital city?

  • Fields of Action: What does the city need?

  • Measures: How can we realise Berlin as a digital city?

  • GovernanceGovernance: How do we work together?

  • Implementation: What tools do we need?

  • Impact measurement: How do we stay on track?

  • Overview of Strategy