Life situation concept for administrative services

The life situation concept sets out a further development of the range of online services offered by the administration based on the principle of user-centricity. It facilitates access to services needed for a particular life situation and makes them readily available based on a keyword search and a website. The life situation principle organizes services and access to state forms not according to the logic of the various competent authorities, but in a way that is oriented towards the user. For example, a website is set up and designed with the target group in mind that combines all the necessary forms and digital services, for instance for parents of newborn babies, couples before marriage, children starting school and immigrants in Berlin. This facilitates access to digitalized administrative services and ensures a better experience for Berlin residents in dealing with their administration.

Drafts and prototypes can be used to determine Berlin’s scope for freedom in view of the specifications of the portal network and the so-called information areas under the Single Digital Gateway Ordinance, SDG-VO.

Responsible: Senate Department for the Interior, Digitalization and Sport

Participants: Technologiestiftung Berlin/CityLAB Berlin

Period: 10/2022 – 2026

Fields of action: Develop urban services with low barriers and in line with needs; establish effective (administrative) processes and tools for implementing projects

Spatial level: Accessible urban space

Strategy Chapters

  • Why Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin?

  • Values Compass: How do we shape Berlin as a digital city?

  • Fields of Action: What does the city need?

  • Measures: How can we realise Berlin as a digital city?

  • Governance: How do we work together?

  • Implementation: What tools do we need?

  • Impact measurement: How do we stay on track?

  • Overview of Strategy