Digital X Energy – Networking to Save Energy

Saving energy will become increasingly important for Berlin residents. There are already various startups in Berlin that develop solutions for residents of the city. Digital X Energy seeks to focus on the possibilities of innovative energy-saving solutions and network Berlin residents with startups. In order to get the process started, a series of events is being created to show the entire urban community the potential that the local startup landscape is able to offer Smart City Berlin by demonstrating the capabilities and opportunities of Berlin’s startups. The first step is to show how Berlin households can reduce their energy consumption with the support of Berlin startups. Residents are put in a position to be able to save a lot of energy so that Berlin becomes climate-neutral as quickly as possible. The aim here is also to show clearly that Berlin’s startups are very much part of the smart city and can provide technological solutions for the market.

With its innovative concept, the event series is to be used as a blueprint for various issues – such as mobility, clothing, waste, biodiversity, equality – so as to promote the general networking of innovative actors and Berlin’s culture of innovation.

Responsible: Gemeinsam Digital Unit, Senate Chancellery

Participants: Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

Period: 09/2022 – ongoing

Fields of action: Test and promote smart economic models; promote regeneration of natural resources locally; build the necessary capacity for change

Spatial level: Accessible urban space

Strategy Chapters

  • Why Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin?

  • Values Compass: How do we shape Berlin as a digital city?

  • Fields of Action: What does the city need?

  • Measures: How can we realise Berlin as a digital city?

  • Governance: How do we work together?

  • Implementation: What tools do we need?

  • Impact measurement: How do we stay on track?

  • Overview of Strategy